Become a Patient

The North Ottawa Medical Group is here for our community. We are one of the main pillars of the North Ottawa Community Health System, and we are the only "community" hospital from northern Ottawa County up to Manistee and east to well past Grand Rapids. What does this mean? There are many benefits to becoming a patient:

  • Your healthcare dollar stays within your community: Getting your care with a non-North Ottawa Medical Group doctor actually pays some other healthcare system. A healthcare system that doesn't help our local economy.
  • Decisions are made right here by people of the North Ottawa Community: Non-North Ottawa Medical Group doctors or non-North Ottawa healthcare systems answer to board members from outside your community. With the North Ottawa Community Health System, all decisions are made right here - by your neighbors... by people looking out for the good of our community, people, and surroundings. Every seat of our board is filled with Grand Haven or Spring Lake residents.
  • Better Coordination of Care: With the North Ottawa Medical Group, your care can be easily coordinated. Our doctors get to know you. They get to know what kind of care you prefer to receive, and they make sure you get the best care in the area. Our doctors are good. They aren't just Board-Certified and award-winning, they are part of this community, and they work in a medical group with several other talented doctors. Should your doctor feel that your needs can be better met with another doctor, they coordinate the process for you and hold your hand along the way... from doctors within the North Ottawa Medical Group, or to better care that may be outside the area.
  • Online access to your records: Our new Patient Portal allows you and your North Ottawa Medical Group doctor to communicate like never before. You can log in at any time to view test results, imaging, fill prescriptions, schedule appointments, and much, much more.  

Switching to a North Ottawa Medical Group provider is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Once you choose the provider you would like to establish your care with just give the office a call (unsure of who would like? Try our "Find a Doctor Mad Libs").
  2. We will ask you a couple of questions regarding your insurance plan to verify you will be covered. (want to know ahead of time? Click here.)
  3. Next we will find a date and time that will work for you to come in to meet the provider and establish care. You will receive in the mail a "welcome packet" from the practice. Enclosed will be some basic health history, demographic, and a release of past medical records forms to be completed. Please be sure to bring those completed documents with you to your first visit.

We look forward to knowing you well.

Meet our team and get to know our doctors by clicking here to visit our Health Care Team section.

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